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Jack House
發布時間:2018-05-31    來源:美森別墅豪宅設計研究院     標簽:室內設計

Dinara Yusupova

Design studio U-STYLE

Turnkey interior & exterior design
Kyiv, Ukraine and all over the world
(044) 332 33 03
(098) 525 33 30

"Jack House" project was created for bright and extraordinary personalities who appreciate the sophistication of the style. That is why the interior combines elements of art deco and modern classics.Bold decisions of designer  are in a perfect harmony with each other and such classic elements as moldings on the walls and pendent crystal chandeliers in the living room and the bedroom add more   elegance to the interior.More subtle but as much elegant is the interior of the kitchen that combines cool tones of steel, light shadows of tile with wooden foresides.Bathrooms are made in high tones with accents created by marble panels.The lightest and the warmest room is of course kids bedroom. Unusual lightnings and pictures on the wall evoke unforgettable emotions leading child into the world of dream.

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